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Morena Bella means “Brown Beautiful Female" in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The prefix, “Mor” which means “brown” dates back to Moorish origins around 45 AD. Now in the modern world, women of color share a global interconnection readily at their fingertips. African American women, Latina women, African Latina women, Asians, Southeast Asians, Afro Europeans, Africans, Middle Eastern women and Multi- Ethnic women share a bond and  within their own uniqueness preserve something special to embrace and cherish………Beautiful Brown Skin!


Melanin is the secret to having olive, tan brown or ebony skin. It is known as a natural protector against the sun and environments’ harmful rays and it impedes aging skin. Women of color have on average have a natural SPF 13.4 ( this varies) vs. their Caucasian sisters 3.2. It is important to continue nurturing and protecting the skin daily for the longevity of a healthy, beautiful and ageless looking skin by using specific ingredients of highest clinical grade made available.

We offer an extensive product line to meet the needs of various skin conditions  and concerns for Skin of Color. Our natural and clinical  grade products are focused on Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types III-VI. This ranges from light olive, brown to dark brown and black skin tones.  All our products were formulated for the most sensitive skin and include specific ingredients to addresss skin of color.  Our products include Brown Seaweed Extract, Vitamins A, C, and E, Oilive Oil, Oil of Kumquat,other natural ingredients, herbs, essential lipids and amino acids to deliver a healthier brighter, glowing radiant skin.

CLEANSE, TONE, EXFOLIATE, HYDRATE, MOISTURIZE AND PROTECT!!!!!! The Six Steps to a healthier radiant skin! 

Our products are parabens free, hydroquinone free, no harsh buffers or additives or harsh preservatives. Our products are manufactured in the United States in a FDA approved facility,  adhering to "GMP" guidelines. We do not test on animals.

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